Traveling and International Professional Massage Training

In my professional life as a certified massage therapist and health promotor, over three decades, practice was always the most important thing. 
But apart from professional practice, both in my country and abroad, during meetings while traveling, also were very important: direct exchange of professional experience, participating in conferences or leading training, workshops, etc. And during my private trips, also meeting other practitioners, because of my sociological, and cultural interests and learning about the status of massage in different countries. My specific program is also available for those interested, but people and meetings with them are the most important. For obvious reasons, I am also interested in practice and situation of people with visual impairments. But this is an additional topic. And one more aspect, my musical hobby. (...) 

I trust that someday, however we will meet along the way. (...)  

Human worker project and Traveling and Training Professional Massage Project (PL. Projekt Podróże i Międzynarodowe Szkolenia Profesjonalny Masaż)
New challenges and program, in 2024: workshops and courses. My idea of international training and traveling project MT Massage Therapist, since 1997, is related with exchanging professional experiences, and directly relations with practitioners. This program has two levels: one-day workshops and weekend or longer courses. For professionals and those who are learning massage, Spa practitioners or body work trends. Also for visually impaired.

My books. On this website you can download three of my books for free, legally. These are Polish editions, but there are a lot of illustrations, helpful later in my trainings. You can use also translator.

1. Workshops: The organizers provide: training places and my accommodation costs. I lead workshops in small groups, in a good atmosphere. Sometimes in the houses of hosts, organizers or workshop participants. One-day workshops are usually on Fridays or Saturdays. Program, as well as courses, are related with subject of my books, and above all, the pillars of my practice. Details and costs are agreed with the organizers and participants.  

2. Courses program: Somatic Responsive: 
A) Integrating Body Work Massage, Module I challenges: psychosomatic aspects, tension release after deep stress episodes, revitalisation and professional relaxation. The program is included in the book.

B) Module I Emotional Face Concept: main challenges: tension release, balance, natural lifting and healthy face. 
Also procedures in massage after plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. The program is included in the book. 

C) Concept MMP and DMA Modeling of problem places, challenges: body modeling, lifting, cellulite, etc, challenges in health-aesthetic. Also procedures in massage after plastic surgery, reconstructive, and aesthetic medicine, etc. Working with soft tissue: scars, fibrosis, loss of elasticity: soft, deep, layered, painless concept. The program is included in the book.

D) Human worker project. The role of touch in therapy and interpersonal communication, based on IMBW Integration Body Work Massage conception in psychosomatic revitalization. And working with people in deep stress, chronic tension, post-stress release and also with aversion to touch after traumatic experiences, etc. is also necessary challenges in this program. 

For visually impaired persons. As a massage therapist and visually impaired person, I have also experiences with visually impaired massage therapists. 

Invitation to cooperation, workshops and courses available in your country. (...) 

Training and Travel Project for Massage Therapist, since 1997, it is a combination of travel and leading workshops and direct exchange of experiences also with other practitioners. Trainings, workshops and presentations at conferences, is also as a result of my observations in: sociology, health promotion, psychosomatics and somatic responsiveness also allow me to learn more about other cultures, customs not only regarding professional massage, but the role of touch in interpersonal communication. 

Piotr Szczotka (aka Peter Brush) certificated massage therapist, graduated the Medical Professional School for Visually Impaired Faculty of Therapeutic Massage in Poland, Kraków 1989. And the HEC Massage School in the MI. USA in 1993. Licentiate Faculty Health Promotion in WSTH, also postgraduate studies in Psychosomatics and Somatopsychology Faculty at SWPS University in Poznań, Poland. Promoter, writer, publicist and publisher, author of hundreds articles and five books, promoting: health, massage, psychosomatics aspects in body work. since 1997. 

My hobby, music, on my channel in YT:

Treatment, sessions, and workshops (one-day), courses (weekend), etc. More information: mobile phone + 48 605344853
Activities in previous years during conferences and trainings: International Congress, LNE & SPA Paris April 15-17, 2023

Activities in previous years during conferences and trainings. World Massage Federation, Thessaloniki, Greece February 2020
My additional hobby:

Music, video, projects, audio podcasts, Piotr Szczotka aka Peter Brush. I used to play, but the guitar is not conducive to my profession because of the fingertips, especially if you often work with a human face. So the music stays on the weekends. A few years ago, before the next presentation at the conference, I was thinking what kind of background music should be used to convey the message and I thought: Why not my own music? 

I went to small, recording studio and played some of my own compositions live, backing tracks, miniatures, impressions, that was the spontaneous goal. The owner of the studio asked me: Should I work with these recordings, improve them, etc? I thanked him and asked him to stay that way, live, without corrections. A year ago I returned to playing and recording as a hobby, in a similar way, live music, without corrections, but as much as I am able on a recorder. And so I returned to my hobby. But there are more and more questions: What is this music that I use sometimes, and who is this Peter Brush? Exactly. So Piotr Szczotka aka Peter Brush. A few of my projects below, guitar, flutes, etc, have a nice listening experience. (...)   

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